Wednesday, February 25, 2015


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You have to be creative while promoting your online store. Promotion these days are basically a combination of traditional and creative means. It includes many techniques like email marketing, direct mails, search engine optimization, cost per click, establishing brand recognition, building related links and social media marketing. New ways of reaching out to potential customers are continuously being discovered and tested.

 The biggest benefit of promoting through ecommerce website builder is that online marketing costs are less than print advertising costs. In lesser money, it helps to build positive customer relations and brand image. The cost of running an e-commerce campaign is also less.

 Means of Marketing That You Need In Your Ecommerce Website Builder

1)    Email Marketing
Who does not have an email ID or read mails. If you want your brand to enter straight to your customer, then email marketing is a great way. It is basically sending a commercial message to a number of people who are usually potential customers or current customers. These are sent with the purpose of enhancing brand image, encourage customer loyalty, enhancing relationships with merchants, to get new customers or to convince old customers for purchases or merely for advertising. Email marketing is significantly cheaper and faster than traditional means of marketing.

 2) Search Engine Optimization
IF you want to increase your traffic by spending minimum money, then SEO is the way to do this. SEO or Search engine optimization is the process that increases the visibility of a website or any web page. It helps to enhance the ranking on search results when a particular keyword is searched. SEO strategy considers how people search, what they search and who target audience are. This helps in optimizing the website which may need even editing the content and increasing relevance to specific keywords. To make your ecommerce website SEO friendly, you need an ecommerce website builder which has SEO themes and apps to get your online store optimized for search engines.

 3)    Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing involves driving attention or focus of readers so that they share it on social media. It is done to increase website traffic and to spread electronic word of mouth. This means many people talking about a product, service, brand or even an event. It helps in creating your brand image. The basic strategies used in social media marketing are passive approach, which uses blogs, content communities and forums as platforms for marketing purposes. The other strategy used is active strategy where customers are directly connected to enhance public relations, handle queries, direct marketing, or even just for communication.

If you are able to master these 3 marketing strategies, visitors will surely come rolling on your website. If you have experience any other strategy way better than this or have any other tactic to be followed, do leave your comments for the same.


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