Monday, February 16, 2015

Why Build Ecommerce Website On SaaS Based Platform?

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Wondering which online store builder is the best option to build ecommerce website? Know more about SaaS based ecommerce platform and the benefits it yields to SMBs

Ecommerce industry has seen a huge popularity in recent times. This is the reason that more and more entrepreneurs are heading towards e-tailing and want to build ecommerce website. To complete this task easy, they look for the best options available for online store builder to create their online store in the best prices.

Build Ecommerce Website
One such option is SaaS based ecommerce platform that is still very new to Indian ecommerce industry. However, it provides many advantages to small and medium entrepreneurs. Before, we list down the benefits that this online store builder render to its user, first let’s know what exactly SaaS based ecommerce platform is.

SaaS or Software as a service is a relatively new way to build ecommerce website, especially in India. Through this, you offer an ecommerce platform or software over the internet. With this, you don’t need to install or maintain specific software, saving time and money for highly technical software or hardware management. This platform can be extremely beneficial for many SMB’s because of the following advantages:

1)      Focus On Selling Than Rectifying Technical Problems
With SaaS based ecommerce platform, you don’t need to worry about any kind of technical difficulties as the platform provider will take care of that. With this ease, you can easily build ecommerce website on SaaS based online store builder and completely focus on selling and retailing.

2)      Build Ecommerce Website In Lowest Cost
Since, you don’t have to create any physical store or manage upfront. Also, all SaaS based online store builder offer monthly or yearly subscription plans, thus saving the high initial cost of licensing or building IT infrastructure. Since, you work on the cloud, a huge amount is also saved for data storage.

3)      Free and Automatic Updates
With licensed software, you need to update your software on regular basis. But, with SaaS based online store builder, you can build ecommerce website and get automatic updates absolutely free.

4)      Seamless Integration
Whether it comes to logistics, payment gateway or any third party application, integrating these features is extremely easy. To build ecommerce website that instantly connects to the clients, the software provider will integrate these easily.

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