Wednesday, April 8, 2015

What to Do Just After You Build Ecommerce Website

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Your website is the first impression you give to your visitors, it should be such that your visitors at once get converted into customers. Therefore, your primary focus should be on how to build ecommerce website that is error-free and informational.

There are many entrepreneurs who make a deadly mistake of developing their marketing strategy even before their website is ready. However, even after you are done with your online store, there are few (read important) steps which you should take care of before you actually except visitors and customers.

How to Make Sure that Your Visitors Don’t Ignore Your Website?

1)      Keep Your Website Ready For On-Page

You need to optimize your website for on-page as it affects your rank on popular search engines. Firstly, you need to do keyword research which will be apt for your online business. Then, you should write content surrounding that. Do take care of keyword placement and density.
After that, you need a proper Page title, Meta description, URL structure and image SEO so that Google crawlers can index your website for better ranking. A proper internal linking among pages of your ecommerce website is important to make every page relevant. Hence, you need to start a bit of SEO marketing, even during you build ecommerce website.

2)      Check For Website Errors

After you build ecommerce website, you should ensure it is error free. Any improper information about the company, broken links, spelling mistakes, wrong links or any wrong page description should be corrected. Make sure that your expose your visitors to relevant and truthful information. The images you have put on your website should not be misleading.

3)      Check Your Website Speed

The best ecommerce platform will help you build ecommerce website that has less loading time. Faster loading times ensure your customers don’t switch to other sites. Don’t upload heavy images after you create an online store and in case some page is taking time to load, take help from developer to compress image or page size.

4)      Submit Sitemap And Robot.Txt File. 

Submit sitemap after you build ecommerce website, if you want your ecommerce website to rank good. Sitemap is a document that helps search engines to index your website. This document contains all the URLs that you want any search engine to index. Robot.txt helps the search engines to know which pages to index and which not to. This file is important for your ecommerce website’s SEO and privacy.

5)      Submit Store Details For Local SEO

Local SEO makes your store visible for local searches. It helps you to score more after you build ecommerce website, as the details of your store comes on Google. Your customers will be able to locate you easily and contact you. You should provide complete and correct contact information and physical address of your offline store so that your customers can reach you easily. This is possible through local search engine optimization.

6)      Market Your Ecommerce Website

After your ecommerce software is ready, start marketing it to get your first sale. You can do this by sending emails to a list of potential customers, or by sending SMS. The best ecommerce platform will have apps for sending bulk emails or SMS’s. You can also use social media for marketing after you create online store by creating fan pages and adding influencers. 

With all these steps to be followed, after you build an ecommerce website with the best ecommerce platform, your website will earn good points among search engines and traffic will be directed towards it.

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