Sunday, April 12, 2015

Going To Build Ecommerce Website? Watch Out For These Deadly Mistakes!

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Planning to build ecommerce website, get one that inspires and attracts customers. The basic aim for any ecommerce website is to get more visitors, turn them into customers and generate sales. This might seem an easy process, but actually it’s not. The reason is the mistakes being made in the construction of website. These mistakes can make or break sales, but the good thing is that these mistakes can be avoided easily with just a little more careful planning.
So, Here Are Some Mistakes That Have To Be Avoided For Better Customer Experience

1)     Poor Website Design
What if your ecommerce website is getting ignored by customers, because of poor design of your website?  Well, designing your website perfectly is important as it gives the impression about your company. It has been seen that customers get more attracted to well designed and better looking stores. The ecommerce software you choose should offer you many website designs and templates that can be easily customized as per your business needs. So, take some time out and build ecommerce website that looks great.

2)     Lack Of Product Information
There have been instances where the customer drops a product just because the information they needed was incomplete? Well, don’t let your customers feel that way. When you build eCommerce website, be clear about the product features and provide all the information they need like size, material, weight and color.  This is important as your customers don’t touch or feel the product, they see only the images read it description. If the product comes out to be different as described on the website, then it might hamper your online reputation.

3)     Poor Customer Service
It is always important to build a strong customer relationship. You can easily build the same by acting proactively on your customer’s problem. Poor customer service can leave a bad impact on the customers. Unresponsive chats and unattended phone calls can lead to cart abandonment, as customers want to enquire but they cannot. So, when you build ecommerce website, you should provide a proper contact page or even live chat so that your customer can contact you at once.  Don’t forget to respond to these mediums immediately.

4)     No Product Filters
Your customers are smart enough because they know what they want to buy. All you need to do is to assist them. Your ecommerce website should have smart filters which allow your customer to narrow their search and save time. These smart filters, offered by the best ecommerce platforms, search according to specifications like gender, price, color, age group, size, etc. So, build ecommerce website with a smart product filter for a seamless customer experience.

5)     Confusing Checkout Process
Your customers have reached to a stage where they are ready to hand over their credit details to you, so try to keep the process simple, short and secure.  Long and complex processes force customers to abandon the cart and leave your ecommerce website without purchasing anything. Remove every other thing that makes the process confusing.

6)     Need Login To Order
Forced logins lead to cart abandonments. If your customers want to check out as a guest, let them do it. Your main aim is to get orders, so remove this obstacle when you build ecommerce website.

7)     Improper Images
Tiny images on your ecommerce website may lose you customers. Your customers don’t touch or feel the product, so ensure that there are a number of product images with proper size. Click images in a number of dimensions so that customers see the product properly. You can also hire a professional photographer  for  this purpose when you build ecommerce website.

8)     Shopping Cart Poorly Designed
Your shopping cart should allow your customers to add multiple products and revise what they want to buy and what not. Your cart should be designed by your ecommerce website builder in a way that it returns the customers back to the shopping page. The cart should also show all the shipping charges before your customer checks out.

9)     Less Payment Options
Offer your customers a number of ways to make payments. Build ecommerce website which is integrated with a number of payment gateways. Enable your customers to pay through credit card, debit card and cash on delivery to increase sales.

10)  Excluding Related Products
Group similar or related products together when you build ecommerce website. This will help your customers to find whatever they need. It also results in cross selling and increased sales.

So, before you get started and build ecommerce website, make sure you avoid these mistakes. Even if you have made these mistakes, correct them soon.

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