Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Why should you create online store that uses Google analytics

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You might have come across the word, Google Analytics a number of times while selecting your eCommerce website builder, ever wondered what it is? Well google analytics are the most widely used analytical services on the internet. This service is provided for free by google and helps in tracking and reporting traffic to a particular website. It provides a deep understanding about the visitor activities on your website with their geographical location. Need reasons why you should create online store with the best eCommerce platform, that provides Google Analytics reports?, here are some of them.

Top 5 reasons for you to choose an eCommerce website builder with Google analytics:-

1)     Know conversion channels
The traffic reports generated by google analytics give you a clear understanding about the volume of traffic on your website. It further tells you about the conversion rates by each channel, you are using. This is one of the best way to see how people are getting towards your eCommercewebsite. To know the source of traffic and conversion channels is important after you create online store.

2)     Know your performance
I am sure you want to track your performance after you create online store.Well, the custom report provided by Google Analytics gives you page wise report of the performance of your eCommerce website.This service uses various engagement metric tools to give you a detailed report of how effective your page is.

3)     Know your social sharing
You have increased the social visibility of your online store and you expect results out of it, yes you should. But at the same time, you should know the profile of visitors that are engaged in social media after you create online store. Google analytics offers a four tab custom report analysis, that shows how pages are being shared over internet on major sites. It also tells you what content is effective where, so that you can promote your eCommerce website effectively.

4)     Know your problems
If you are involved in the continuous endeavors of reducing your website problems after you create an online store, then Google analytics are your thing. This service helps you to check and solve the problems of your website like long page loading timings. You can also compare the load time to bounce rate of each page and compare it with an average site. Google analytics also provides you with reports on internal inbound links and bad internal links and helps you solve them.

5)     Know your conversions
You can analyze your paid search performance after you create online store. This is done by the PPC campaign goal performance report of Google analytics. You can check your goal conversions from all search engines or filter for specific search engines.

So get ready to discover all the valuable data you have been missing from google analytics, by choosing the best eCommerce platform to create an online store.

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