Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ready to Build an Ecommerce Website? Read This to Plan Your Store Smartly.

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All ready to build an eCommerce website? Well, have you planned the things smartly? If not, then start planning each step carefully. Although these days advanced technology and computer software is making it easy to create an online store, but still right planning and execution is important.  Many ecommerce website builders create an online store for free for their clients, but you as a client should have a clear idea of what you want and how.

Here are some aspects that are crucial to consider

1)       Plan The Website
Before you choose an ecommerce website builder, it is important for you to plan the design, content and layout of your ecommerce website.  Know your target customers and then design your website according to that particular customer demographic.  You should also plan what you want to do after you build an ecommerce website, do you want to sell goods, services, provide information or create a forum.  Plan about the various costs involved to build an ecommerce website and understand the different tools to build an ecommerce website.  You should also check different ecommerce website builders that offer free store.

2)      Plan About Services
Deciding about the various goods and services you want to offer is important. You should have a clear idea what you want to sell and to whom. You will have to decide about the display and categories of your products. Decide about the various shipping as well as return policies and procedures.  Streamline various processes like payment handling, shopping cart, etc. To add a personal touch to your website after you create an online store, try to keep toll free phone services.

3)      Build An Ecommerce Website
After your planning is done and you are all ready create an online store, choose an ecommerce website builder that offers all the services you need at a very low cost.  Select an ecommerce software that enables you to choose from a number of design templates. The templates you choose should be mobile responsive, such themes auto adjust to the viewer’s screen for better navigation.  You should choose an ecommerce software that offers low shipping charges. This can be done by choosing ecommerce website builder that is integrated with the best courier services in India.  Ensure that your website is SSL certified, it is important to build customer trust. An ecommerce website builder with secure payment gateway is always preferred by customers. The way to build an ecommerce website, is to seamlessly combine 3rd party tools, backend applications and many other components to make the user experience better.

4)      Launch your website
Before going live, and launching your website, revise all the aspects of planning and construction to make sure you have avoided all mistakes and create a functional ecommerce website. View the website as a visitor to check if the navigation is easy and customer friendly. Ensure your content, design and structure is up to the mark. Launch your website once everything is perfect.  After you have launched your website, spread word of mouth to your social circle, advertise your ecommerce website and do social media marketing. You can also send e-mails to your prospect customers and give discounts and offers to them.

By following a better way of planning, you can expect a better conversion rate. Your ecommerce software should make sure that you gain more customers as well as retain earlier ones.  Along with all this, always keep a scope for improvement, growth and expansion.

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